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Name: The truth
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 05 December 2017

Get over it!!!  
The facts are that none of you will stand together and take your
union's on. All you do is whine and cry and talk big but you do
nothing. When was the last time any of you went after your elected
officials and demanded answers. When was the last time you rallied to
remove anyone from office. In the last 10 years, NEVER! You know you
won't and you can't do a thing if you don't all stick together. So
just suck it up and take what they decide for you because you have no
guts and no control. Pay your dues and suck it up. Every week the
changes are right in front of your faces. Your work rules are changing
and your union's aren't doing a thing about it. It's over. Your
losing the battle. Deal with it.

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