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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 22 February 2021

CSX is gonna shit when they find out how much held away they are paying.
What happened to crew balance? Iím now on my third bout in a row of
sitting at the hotel for at least 46 + hours. And itís not just me,
itís all over our subdivision. Engineers say they donít even want to
make money this way even though they are making a killing. Would rather
be working or at home. Iím sure someone high up will be fired for this
nonsense. I suggest Jamie Boytoy. When arriving at the away from home
terminal and asking to be flipped because we were gonna be 3rd crew in
hotel for a terminal that only runs 1 train a day and knowing we would
be at the hotel for 2 days minimum. The Trainmaster said every crew is
going to the hotel because nobody wanted to call and wake up Jamie
Boytoy in the middle of the night to get permission to flip crews. Of
course, now there are no crews at the home terminal to run trains.

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