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Name: Engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 April 2018

Train crews/mechanical 

You made a wise choice. Both engineers and conductors suffer body
abuse. Some in different ways than others. I was a conductor for 10
years then decided to change to engineer when it was offered. I never
had lower back, leg and neck problems until I got stuck in the seats
from hell on a regular basis. Road conductors deal with the same shit.
Seats too low, seats to high, seats rocking like shit, seats hard as a
rock and seats that won't stay adjusted. Working on the ground screws
your feet up for awhile until you get used to the balast. climbing on
cars and bending over all the time putting air hoses together
especially when its cold as hell takes its toll after years. Facts are
both engineer and conductors get screwed up one way or another. Any
body with any time out here knows the truth. Only basement foamers come
on here and spout off otherwise.

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