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Name: farm
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 06 December 2018


Don't forget the farmers are the ones who produce what you need to
stuff that burger and doughnut in your mouth and feed America. You
might ship our products but we produce it. we live on the prayers to
god that the weather is good and good to us.  Remember that next time
your driving across my field to get to your train instead of walking.
The banking, real estate and the Auto industry were given a hell of a
lot more help for the stupid mistakes they made cooking their books and
stealing from the American people than farmers who just need help
because mother nature wasn't good to them.
The point to all of this is to be considerate. Think of others and not
just yourself. Its real easy to sit on a train in the dry with your
heat in the winter and your air in the summer blocking peoples access
to their property when you don't always have to. Other people have
lives too. When you have other alternatives use them!

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