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Name: CSX Bone Devil
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 17 May 2017

Anyone that credits Hunter Harrison for the success of anything at any
railroad is a moron! Driving the cost to operate a business down will
obviously make the company more profitable, but a successful strategy
drives the cost to operate down in a way that is sustainable long term.
Basically what I'm saying is anyone can come in and fire thousands of
employees, shut down yards, sell off parts of the company, etc. 
Harrisons approach in a nutshell!

Option 2 that does last long term would be expanding business by simply
going after the coal and don't comment that coal won't last long term
until you do the research because I will embarrass you. There is enough
coal available right now to last well over 200 years that we know of.

Why isn't Harrison going after the coal?

Could he intentionally be destroying the company so CSX and all of its
assets are easily and cheaply acquired in a merger? 

Stock is down today $1.65 from yesterday! I already transferred mine
about a month ago it took 20 minutes online

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