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Name: retired
Employed as: Brakeman, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 September 2019

CSX 101

Its not rocket science. Its not hard to figure out.  To put it in a
nutshell, CSX is basically run one way and one way only.

Do this don't do that. Wait, don't do that do this now. Wait we just
changed that rule I think. When did we change that rule? Trains are
never scheduled on time. Hurry up and wait. Everything is subject to
change. CSX is a company of CHAOS!

Rumors are just a way on keeping it on going. This way no one really
knows what to expect. If everyone gets conditioned to expect a change
at any moment on any day at any time then it is easier to control the
masses. Only those who can handle constant confusion will stay on.
There is now and there will always be a monkey wrench thrown into the
mess.  The trick to surviving in a company such as csx is to take it
one day at a time, prepare to handle changes from sun up to sundown and
the most important of all is to know how to handle the crap that will
roll down hill and be blamed on the crews. Mangers talk a lot of crap.
They threaten when they are afraid and being intimidated by their
superiors. They have to vent and blame someone else. At the end of the
day 90% of them have to take the heat and will deal with the
repercussion. You come to work, you get your paperwork when you can and
work a yard job, local or you get on your power and pick up your cars
for the road or get a main line. You deadhead to an outlying job to
recrew or pick up at an industry. You deliver a train to an away from
home terminal or you bring your train home or deadhead home if the job
MANAGEMENT. You have 12 hours to play the horse and pony show.
Sometimes it is a good run and sometimes it is a peter pan ride. In two
weeks you get your pay check. BITCHING CHANGES NOTHING! Spouting off
about how stupid management is does nothing. Raising your blood
pressure and stressing out is your fault. You let them win when they
make you as miserable as they are. Sit back and smile. Take your time.
Do not stress yourself. Do not run. Do not cut corners. Do not GIVE A
CRAP! Life is short and one day it will all be over. You will retire or
quit and look back on all of it as one big laugh.

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