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Name: Imdone
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 08 November 2018

Wake up!!!!

I was just informed that I would be taking trains with DP power to an
out of route location and I would be getting a pilot to assist me on
the DP and qualify me on the new territory at the same time. WTF kind
of training is this and just how many qualifying trips are they going
to give me and everyone else. When I became an engineer I was trained
to run engines. Good old fashioned engines. DP,PTC,TO and God knows
what's next. I didn't sign on to be a God damn computer specialist! I
just wiped out 2 deer I didn't even see because I was dealing with a
stupid TO malfunction and was distracted. All I heard was my conductor
hollering holy shit man that was a big buck and doe. I said ...that's
what the hell that noise was! Sounded like we hit a car but I didn't
see a damn thing. These distractions are going to get someone killed
and they want one man crews. This is just getting too unsafe. I'm
looking elsewhere for work. This just isn't worth it!

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