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Name: Hurting
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 May 2018


You are absolutely right. I have been in pain for over 3 years now and
my doc says its because of the constant vibration and movement of the
engine seats. There are a lot of injuries filed in different
professions that deal with vibration. I know someone on the railroad
now who is filling a suit for whole body vibration injury. Its not
uncommon in this line of work. So is carpal tunnel especially in the
wrist. CSX knows exactly what causes it and wants to deny it but there
are too many witnesses working out here who cant testify to the
severity of some of these engines and how they bounce you all over the
place and out of the seats. Some are so bad there are days I can barely
walk and my lower back and legs are sore from it. I have a choice, I can
file with my doc for the injuries I have now or ride it out and take my
chances I don't end up a cripple.  It a damn hard choice to make!

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