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Name: L&N dispr
Employed as: Train Dispatcher, for 30+ years
Posted: 16 July 2017

Pindturd: well, have you ever thrown a train in emergency ? Do you know
the ramifications by throwing a train an emergency?  Have you ever
pulled a throttle or thrown a training emergency? Have you ever
answered a radio 
transmission as a dispatcher ? Have you ever replaced a knuckle? Have
you ever had answer an emergency transmission by train for an

 I will answer all these questions for you, no you absolutely have not
done any of those . Now, have you ever trespassed on the railroad
property ? Answer is well,i guess you have because your wife did and
she suffered the consequences, didn't she? She got splattered all over
the rail . Pines you are as clueless as a Christmas goose . If you
trespass on company properrty and get killed , it is your fault. Now,
please tell me what kind of idiot setd shop in the middle of the rail
and then get hit by a train and complain?
 I never known any more of an idiot savant than you.

So, if I set up shop in the middle of 95 and get hit by a
tractor-trailer , it is a tractor-trailer's fault ?  

 You are nothing but an absolute idiot.  Who in the hell ties your
shoelaces in the morning?

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