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Name: cond
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 January 2019

Opinion Wanted

Listen obviously are a train foamer. You think it looks fun.
Idiots running gates, killing people who trespass or just want to end
their lives by railroad death, slaughtering animals almost every day,
living out of a hotel and losing serious quality time with your family,
fighting for your pay, a union who leaves all their members in the dark
and robs us blind and management who roll all their shit down hill
because they don't have the balls to tell upper management to go take
a hike plus......the list goes on.

The facts are you need to do your research before you make any
decisions. As of last year CSX was the lowest paying railroad out here.
If you want to try and take this life style on then go for the money.
Don't be an idiot foamer who thinks this is a glorious life because IT
IS NOT! There is no fun and glory for it and you don't get a pat on the
back for being a good boy and going out of your way to do anything. Go
for the money. Don't be a fool. Find out who is paying the best wage
and apply there.

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