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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 12 January 2018

Turd Ferguson

Are the unions clairvoyant? You say they should already know about
problems. Not unless they're seriously addressed at the union
meetings. It's your union and everyone else's. Nothing happens with
crew room/shanty banter or posting on here. It's getting people
together voicing their concerns at the union meeting. Getting it into
the union meeting minutes and doing follow ups is what counts. Plus if
only one person complains it might not get taken serious but if a group
complains then that says something is a problem.

Just paying union dues isn't a gold pass. It takes getting involved.
Till people understand that fact nothing changes. 

I expect some to say "bullschidt". That's why it doesn't change.

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