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Name: Brakeman
Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 11 February 2019

FRA is paid 

Boo hoo. You get written up because your not wearing your safety
glasses when your supposed to then be a man and take your whipping. You
know the rules. You know they are head hunting. No doubt you have heard
they want a turn over rate. Used to be so they could keep the school
afloat and grant money coming in. Look how many times the union
buttered the plate for the company and made new agreement terms for new
hires coming in. Why pay a mouthy old head all the perks when they can
get rid of him and bring in a new guy who agrees to be hired for less.
Get your head out of your arss. If you rush it's your own fault. The
company man can't make any of us rush if we don't want to. The
problem is you got balless wonders and suck ups who won't stand up for
what's right so those who work safe and follow rules stand out. Few men
left on the railroad. Just pretty boys. You dont need the FRA to tell
you a thing. You follow what's written by the company. You aren't
responsible for learning fra laws. If csx doesn't do training on all
the laws you can't be held accountable. You got questions about
paperwork you think is wrong then ask a supervisor. He tells you to do
as he says or refuses to give an answer if it isn't a good faith
challenge then you do as your told. Fra board's you or confronts you
in the yard you simply tell them you were following direct orders. End
of discussion. It's the supervisor who willfully instructed you to
violate laws and he's the one who goes to court and pays the fine.
Just follow the rules and work at your pace. Deal with it! Do what's
in writing. Real simple. Confused about a rule ask!

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