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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 14 February 2020

None of y'all have not given one bit of thought to the biggest fallout
of one man crews.  

If, and most likely when, it happens there will be far fewer paying in
to RR retirement.   Right now employees are paying the maximum Tier 2
allowed at 4.9% and employeers are at 13.1% (max of 22.1%).  The
railroads will begin to pay more and probably the maximum but it will
stil not be enough to cover all current and future retirees.  Of course
there will be far fewer who will draw full retirement because there will
be fewer employees.

To make up for the lose you will see the 60/30 disappear fairly
quickly.  It will initially go back to the old 62/30 and eventually to
65 (and no years of service) and then to your normal Social Security
retirement age.

This is inevitable and the unions can't stop it since RR retirement is
not negotiated.  I for one will not work alone although it's like
working alone many days given the number of conductors who sleep an
entire trip.  Many conductors have made themselves redundant because of
their work ethic and now they complain.  Unfortunately the good
conductors will once again suffer because of the bad.

See a pattern here.  All the rules we have are because of the 5% who
come to work and complain all day.  My first union rep told me over 30
years ago that he spends 95% of his time on the same 5% of the members.
 That ratio continues to this day and they are the ones who have made
the good employees suffer.

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