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Name: cond
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 October 2018


Go take your poser arsss back under your rock.  Something bothering the
children in Jacksonville!

As for the last post.....right on!  Lets take one example. How about
the BLET.  Got the members in the same damn seniority district but
running different directions(east/west) that have different rights.
How about the UTU? Got conductors in same situation. West runners cant
protect their pool rights, put east enders can. The list goes on in
both unions. There are too many official positions being paid in the
unions. they need to be downsized and they both need to be organized
together to bargain for both crafts. There is no need in hell for 2
unions and so many over paid stuffed shirts. Put a stop to favoritism
in the unions as well. It should be an even scale for all.

Oh... as for going conventional at Indy on the remotes, it was said as
long as production is good they will continue to be conventional. Well
there goes the blackmail. Get tired of their crap and do the only thing
you can do to send a message (lay down) and the remotes will be back. 
This is a great evil plan to keep you on your knees! Got to give them
credit for trying.  Might just backfire. Not to many people really
giving a rats ass which way it runs!

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