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Name: Gaveup
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 July 2018


Your living in days gone by. I have gone to so many meetings I lost
count. Enter all the comments and complaints you want in the meeting
minutes you want. It's a waste of time. The same crap continues day
after day, year after year. I'm done going. I'm just like the rest
now. Pissed my hard earned money is just pissed in the wind. Maybe
it's the best thing they are putting everyone on the street. The less
workers out here the less money the union thieves can put in their
pockets. In fact I'm to the point I hope they reduce the crafts so low
the damn union's go bankrupt. Make us so short we get 7 starts every
week and get 72 hours off. Would love a 3 day weekend every week! I'm
sick of being f $*^@ked by the company and the agreements raped on a
daily basis while the union allows the carrier to break laws and
falsify reports, lie about recrewing trains and departure and arrival
times. Break clearance bureau laws and sneak undocumented hazmat cars
across the system. They lose the location of their trains and make
bogus work orders. Encourage violation of HOS laws and the list give a
on.  If the union's had any back bone or a real set of balls they
would have moles in the company collecting as much proof as possible of
their unethical business practices and use it to encourage proper
behavior! The carrier doesn't play fair why should the unions!  There
is no fair game with them . Hard ball and threats are the only thing
that will get their attention. You don't place nice with evil! Time
for exposure. Who cares if the stock drops. Who cares if they lose
backers on walk street. Who cares if they become the joke of all
railroads. Those of us who are using our brains and saving money
elsewhere will survive. Maybe they'll get dumped by their investors
and another railroad will take them over. It couldn't be any worse.

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