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Name: Old head
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 April 2018

North American 
Apparently your what they call a professional train rider. I've been
working locals and yard jobs my whole career. I've pounded the rocks
in 30 below and 110 heat index. I've had torn roter cuffs, sprained
ankles, back injuries, neck injuries and just a torn down body from
years of it. My hoggers have had backs and nerve damage from being beat
in the seats. Every heard of body vibration injury? One of the most
common injuries diagnosed in this business. They got carpal tunnel in
their wrist and hearing loss from noisy ass cabs that exhaust air in
their faces and radios you got to keep blaring to hear them. I don't
know what your doing out there but my body is beat down from years of
this job and I'm not the only one. Maybe your just a superman or maybe
your just a shit stirring troll but I do know your comments are pure
horse shit and sound like something a management suck would say. you
arernt a real railroaded for sure. Maybe a paper pysher.

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