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Name: Robert  Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 18 March 2017

So add prejudice to L@Ns Foamer--Liar--fake--wanna be-mommas boy---goof
ball---clown---a nobody from Idaho resume. My black friends would call
these crossings "just honkey rigged man".

Since this jury tampering picture of a truck pulling a low boy is in
about every article one would think this is mass class action on the
FHWA/state/railroad for having the wrong sign for trucks and buses for
the hundreds of collisions at these type beached whale crossings that
weren't trucks pulling low boys. How about it truckers paying huge
transportation road taxes? They are covering their major need to fix
with a $100 WRONG sign.

Section 1A.02 Principles of Traffic Control Devices
To be effective, a traffic control device should meet five basic
A. Fulfill a need;
B. Command attention;
C. Convey a clear, simple meaning;
D. Command respect from road users; and
E. Give adequate time for proper response.

I see failures on all five requirements since the Mickey Mouse sign is
at the edge of a cliff and is for low boys only.

The picture should be a picture of the highest vehicle trapped not
lowest. Just a small detail OUR NTSB will ignore. Plus the six crossing
on the six approaches with just railroad crossing ahead signs and no
beached whale crossing at this beached whale crossing warning.

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