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Name: exlc
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 11 September 2019


  There is no reason for you not to be paid overtime while in waiting
status and deadhead. The HOS programs have nothing to do with figuring
your overtime pay. They are programs set up for the FRA to be able to
keep tract of what the employees are doing.  There is no way you should
be screwed out of your overtime just from filing out an HOS screen.
Call payroll and ask them if the time you were in waiting status and
deadhead status was not reported because if it wasn't then you need to
call the FRA. Ask them to do an inquiry on the information for that day.
It wouldn't be the first time that someone was trying to cover their
tail for paying out too much overtime or spending too much on deadhead
expenses.  You should have no problem proving you were out there. You
wagon drivers branch manager will have proof that you were in the wagon
with their driver and at what time. This is not a union issue and do not
let them intimidate you into dragging it out with your LC if you find
that information is missing. This is an INTERDEPARTMENTAL PROBLEM. It
could be a computer program problem/glitch. Make sure all the
information went through the system correctly! If not you can also send
an email to the head of the finance department informing him/her of the
problem. It is your right as an employee to report these types of

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