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Name: Virus
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Posted: 28 June 2020

To the guy that posted on here, that virus just a scam. This morning
stats. 10 million cases world wide half a million deaths. Florida alone
45000 cases in one day. Well the lock down was for nothing in my view
the rich 1% in there gated secure community need the sheepal to get to
work to make them more money. The antifa and blm group out protesting
infecting each other are retarded, some will pay the price for there
stupidity. Protect yourself at home and at work, I see dr. Dolittle is
wearing a mask now, trump still say not an issue. One week from now
take a look at infection increases and deaths , and say this virus a
scam. You get one life donít trust what the goverment and csx officials
say about your risk being nil, cover your own ass.

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