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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 09 January 2021

Well winning...........
Just where do you get that?  Documented\written language in contract
agreements for T&E people can be similar.

Hell, the unions got weak, weaker, 'cause the younger people did.

I once had more balls/clout when I was an active employee \ local rep.
 account I had backing: local, general committee, state board, etc.  
The full time union big-shots have to protect the working on the job
part time local reps.  RR companies have gotten away with a
lot of vindictiveness.  Takes guts to stand up - beat 'em and someone
little can/may lose their butt.  However, they: the employee & union,
win 80+ % of the time in the end if anything has to go farther
(arbitration, etc., etc).

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