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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 22 November 2020


The cold hard fact is they can not give 100% factual evidence on how
this virus is really spreading other than it is not really alive and it
doesn't mutate until it finds a host.  Yes, it can be sneezed or spit
out but it has to be inhaled in order to infect you. All you have to do
is google how a virus infects your body. This is why they constantly
change how they think it can infect others. The only thing they have
been constant on is not breathing it in!  This thing, that is not
really alive has an outer casing that once destroyed makes it useless.
That is why in my opinon, keeping your hands clean and cleaning stuff
around you is way more important than the mask. If you want to learn
more about it, while you are sitting on your butts google how a virus
is developed and how it replicates in the body. As for the CSX policy,
it is no different than any other big companies policy that wants it
people to come to work all the frickin time. They have and will
continue to come up with exceptions for the rules and bend the info to
keep workers coming in  Every industry across the nation knows now how
this virus spreads and how to cut it back. Keep your hands and crap
around you clean and DONT BREATH OR SNEEZE on anyone!  Just assume that
everyone is a carrier. People who get it and dont get sick are in better
health or their bodies just dont have the right environment for it to
attach to their cells and replicate. They are still trying to figure
out how this happens for some people and not others! What they need to
do is a full investigation of the railroad industry and find out why we
aren't falling out across the nation when we are stuck in cabs together
with the windows shut most of the time, share nasty cramped bathrooms
together, share radio mics and touch every thing in the cab that the
other person does. We ride in vans together and most of us dont wear
mask!  So how come it isnt rampant in our industry. My guess we are so
pickled with germs from day one and most of us have one hell of an
immune system and are tough from working in all kinds of weather
conditions. Freezing our arsses of in cold cabs and sweating in hot
ones. Same thing outside for the ground workers.  I think the exercise,
constant exposure to the outside and filth has a lot to do with it! God
knows the air filters in the locomotive cabs are worthless and we have
smelled that stench that comes off of hot side wall heaters. If the
virus is sitting on one of those when it comes on, there is no way in
hell it will survive that! It cant stick to greasy surfaces either.
That takes care of the walkways with oil on them. We wear gloves
outside most the time and they always have some kind of grease or oil
and dirt on them. So do the soles of our boots.  HELL! I think I just
figured out why we are not getting it!

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