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Name: Robert  Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 20 March 2017

L@N a tie plate is that like a pickle, rams head,sissy steps, cheater
pegs, take up reel, 28 foot clearance, TDR, vtvm, vom, multi-plexer,
signal generator, crypto , o-scope, rf generator, etc...

Did you know a maintainer can take a VCR with channel 3 output
---cranks it up 80 DB with an amplifier---cuts his own channel 3
antenna--and walks out the cable looking at FSM to find the cable fault
place because they don't have a TDR. Better than the electric companies
10,000 volt thump test.The maintainer in Nevada who was a grunt with six
weeks training probably doesn't though.

Or that they can make crossing signals out of a garage door remote and
some heavy coaxial cable.

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