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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 08 November 2018


Unattended equipment-equipment left standing in such a manner that no
qualified employee is close enough to the equipment to take safe and
effective action to control its movement.

Unmanned-Locomotives or on-track equipment left standing with no
assigned employee close enough to take safe and effective action to
control its movement.

Please for the love of god tell me and everyone else how a hump yard
can pull out a cut of cars of at least 70 cars out of the track, down
and inbound lead, past a CP point and leave it standing with just the
lead locomotive tied down while the conductor gets in a wagon and goes
all the way to the other end of the yard to get in position to take
control of it with his little remote control box???? NO AIR ON THE
CARS! ONE FRICKIN BRAKE! NO BRAKE TEST! Total violation of securement
of train rule 411.  What the hell is the loop hole they are using. The
next time I leave a train tied down outside of the yard Im going to put
one handbrake on the leader and not set any air on the cars and forget
the brake test. If they say one thing they can explain why in the hell
I cant do it but they can because that is exactly what they did!

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