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Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 12 January 2018

CSX Auditing
YES I know you watch this site and who is posting.
You said Auditing would call today but didn't. The last time we met
was with Auditing VP Bill Maeser and General council Randy Moon. I then
met with Fl. DOT Investigators and they ask what CSX next move would be?
I told them to expect CSX to pay them A visit stating I was nuts, he
tried to extort money from CSX and can't be listened to. HA! I had an
insider with Fl. DOT who kept me informed in exchange for my help. The
Fl. DOT Racketeering Investigator had to be physically held down when
he came across the table on Moon and Maeser. Didn't know I knew that
one did you? I would have loved to been there when CSX tried to
illegally silence me for trying to save crew members and public lives.
Guess at this point I Lock N Load HUH?

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