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Name: Human safety
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Posted: 14 February 2020

My 36 years as mechanical employee , I went to protests and we tried to
educate the public how dangerous it would be to public safety if the rr
took the caboose off the train. They had accidents tail end cars getting
hit sitting in siding. The first sbu or eot or Fred weighed  a ton with
all those batteries. And on the road batteries died from cold or
sitting. They did not care how far an employee had to carry them. The
terminal I worked in was right in the middle of the city. Trespassing
people got killed or maimed cutting across trains, and you found these
people mangled screaming or dead.  Did the company put a fence up
around the yard not a chance even after five year old was killed. No
the rr did there legal requirements they put up no trespassing signs.
And had company cop drive around the yard. The companies position is
not to baby sit the public it was to move product. And when  most
people end up getting elected to office they are most likely lay people
like the rest of us. But when they leave office they are most likely
millionaires, the word is kick backs. Donít expect the rr to do
anything more than post a sign no trespassing, until they are forced to
protect the public which would cost millions. Buying political people a
lot cheaper. And I donít see that changing anytime soon. So removing a
employee from the train , still leaves a person monitor with all his
computer equipment to run the train on private property. And you will
be sued for trespassing and causing damage to rr equipment

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