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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 06 November 2019

Old Head

You're absolutely correct the railroad has always been a challenging
place to work. Going back to hiring on with prior rights where you only
had seniority and to protect one subdivision or yard To the confusing
days of consolidated rosters. While that opened up more opportunity
gone was the protection. By that I mean on a subdivision you could have
a guy on one subdivision with 1 year seniority working while one with 20
years is furloughed on another subdivision. I saw it happen many times.
I watched lines being abandoned & yards closed. If they were lucky
those who worked it could mark up at another location on the bottom of
the seniority rosters. The job basically hasn't changed but management
has in a negative way. My last years I had to confirm to the fact it was
their railroad. I was still making good money, had a retirement etc...
it was just play their game. It didn't do any good to become
frustrated & mad.

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