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Name: Landser
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 15 May 2017

More on hunter, methods, associates. 

Have no doubt ehh is here to robs us blind and humiliate us in the
process. He proclaims railroading has certain demands that are inherent
and harsh within this profession BUT is the first to use modernization
to eliminate jobs or even an entire craft. So much for nostalgia. His
latest sand kicking escapades included removing napping allowance and
being inside a locomotive cab. At cp he justified his actions, both
publicly and possibly within his own mind, by claiming they had "a
horrible entitled culture." He uses reporters, lackeys from buff
magazines and financial analysis's to spread his propaganda. Releases
stories like a wife calling him, a wife mad cause her husband didn't
get a quit and made it through to talk to a multibillion dollar
companies CEO TO COMPLAIN. Sure  she did. We all know quits benefit the
company more than us. It's about his ego. Give a railroader 8 hours of
work. Most will bust ass getting it done in 6. Everybody's happy.
Customers. Air men. Car men. Outbound crews etc.... except hunter.
Apparently ole hh has disproved the bell shaped curve model. Please
enlighten us all with your findings mr Harrison. Please provide the
empirical data and hypothesis supported conclusions to the scientific
community so we can create a new more sophisticated method for human
behavioral expectations. 

Next, following his cp model.  He will attempt to find the terminal
most likely to stand up to him. It was Alberta at cp.   Happy hunter
intentionally picks a fight. Flys in 60+ managers to break the workers
backs. This gives him time and space to further impose his will on the
workers. After something sets off a major issue or even a strike he
gets the Govt to bail him out. More time. More space. 

To our advantage we know what he does from his past play book. Also, on
our side is his egotistical arrogance. We are going to have to use other
tactics than a direct confrontation. At least. Temporarily. Try and work
with local managers. Most hate him as well. Those who drank his kook aid
are best ignored. Safe days, working extra cautiously, need not be
carried out for multiple days. Or even shifts for that matter.
Hopefully we can eventually organize where a safe shift occurs at
multiple locations or in succession. Let him get his people on jets.
Let them land to find hard working smiling workers. Let them circle for
days not knowing where to head. Gorilla tactics. Not approach march.
USA. not the red coats. Use social media and friends at other locations
to keep in touch. 

We are not the first generation of workers to have a meanie as CEO. Nor
a weak union. He even has slow business to help him. But his goal is
money for his cohorts in crime and his ego. If he doesn't deliver on
the first he may wake with one of his famous horse heads in his bed.
The second is laudable. There are no famous railroaders. Even
Vanderbilt was considered unsavory. All the robber barons are unknowns.
Hater will be but a footnote in the history of Cn, cp and assuredly CSX.

Our goal must be long term. Rid this company of a man bent on its
destruction for his personal gain. 300 mil??? 4 years? $75,000,000 a
year. $1,442,307 a week $206,043 a day. 2 workers salary per day.
That's not counting the salary of our new asst. Director of the board.
Paulie. Mantle ridge Bought a billion dollars of stock at its lowest
point. Mantle ridge was created in 2016. It has 4 employees. 2
advisory. 1-10 clients. 6 accounts. It's funded by ROBERT (Robbie)
JOSEPH CANNON. of horizon investments.
We must boycott horizon. We must use social media to organize our fight
and discredit horizon. Horizon wants to enable a CEO who abuses workers,
ignores contracts and guts a company then we must be their bad press.
Remove funds.  Check with friends.  Ask them to so as well. Call them.
Ask them to remove support. Post on their face book page. Do all we can
to bring about public understanding of the abusive policies of harrison
and his methodology and who his enablers are. Thus making horizon and
Robbie rue the day they started a war with working men and women. 

We do not have a lazy nor a lackadaisical culture. We are hard
oworkers. Dedicated to our profession.  You WILL NOT change that hard
truth unto your narrative  Harrison. You will not!
This fight we did not ask for. Did not start. But yet here we are.

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