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Name: advice
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 08 November 2018


The company can do as they see fit if they deem the action as safe and
necessary if it is not a violation of FRA rules and regulations. 
However if they continue the procedure that is out of the norm of the
written operating rules, they have shown that they are following a new
procedure. The company has 30 days to submit the amended rule to the
FRA (CFR rule 217.7).  I suggest you continue to follow the rules as
written and if you are instructed to do something that you feel is a
blatant violation and is unsafe you can use your good faith challenge
rights if it something that is within that right. Make sure someone
else is aware of what you were told to do if something is to go
seriously wrong. Make notes of the exact time, place and who instructed
you to do so as well as any witnesses that can back your situation. Do
not forget that the carrier has developed many operating rules that are
more restrictive than those set forth by the FRA. Violating their own
rules without violating any FRA laws is not uncommon. If you have
concerns about any procedures do not hesitate to speak with your FRA
agent assigned to your area. They can tell you if the action is or
isn't a direct violation of CFR laws.

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