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Name: Deception
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 11 March 2018

Hh and Foote plan is to streamline CSX by running north to south with
the hot traffic. It looks good on paper for the share holders. And
exclude any branchline or intercepting lines. That involve a drag train
that has to do a lot of switching and going out of the way for the
customer. These lines and customers are profitable and where the bread
and butter for the railways. But the volume is not there to get get
fast huge profit. By taking these lines out of there plan. They donít
have to show any delays equipment or crew issues. They just want to
present the nice stuff to the share holders. Drive the share price up
and get the hell out. Because the plan they want  present to the share
holders will not hold up for long because they are not generating
customer revenue. The only thing falsely supporting that they are
making a profit is cutting staff and selling assets. And that will not
last long doing that. They know that to continue making profit you have
to retain the customers you have and getting new customers. You donít do
this by selling your equipment and rail lines. Cn rail is finding this
out today to stay with customer demand. They have to spend millions of
dollars to stay in business. Hh and Foote sold all cn assets that they
could to get share price up. Then sell the stock and move to the next
victim company  They made millions at the price of turning cn into a
skeleton railway from the big company it once was. Now they are
repeating these practices at CSX.

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