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Name: retired engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 05 December 2018


Sorry to tell you this but your more ignorant than that poster. I live
on a farm that was in my family for hundreds of years. We were here
first. The railroads came in and took surrounding farm land by force
and having neighbors taxes raised so high they had to sell out and the
railroads snatched it right up. Not everyone lives on land that the
railroad had first. Your statement  of not buying a house where the
railroad crosses their drive is just stupid as hell. You know how many
homes across America would be empty if everyone thought like that.
People have a right to bitch. They have a right to get to their homes
and property. I know the rules state you are not to block crossings
unnecessarily and your dispatcher bulletins say you are to cut crossing
and not block them when you tie a train down. I know you still do it. I
know you make that stupid hillbilly comment that the railroads were
there first. That stupid shit doesn't fly. When you have another place
to sit clear of crossing your supposed to do it. I hope you never have
to deal with the death of someone who couldn't get help because you
blocked the crossing they needed to use. When they sue the hell out of
the railroad and they call your butt in and want to know why you
wouldn't move or cut the train your arss is grass. the company WILL
NOT have your back!

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