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Name: screwed
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 07 December 2017


If you want to take advantage of the late mark up after you are coming
off your rest days, DO NOT mark off before 0001 if you get back in from
a trip where they kept you in the hotel and on a train the first day of
your scheduled day off. The IVR system is set up to recognize a mark
off at 0001 on your first day off. If you make the mistake of marking
off before 0001 when you get in it will screw you out of your right to
request late markup.  Argued with the crew callers that its not my
fault the company kept me in the hotel and out on a train on my first
rest day. Not my fault they didn't send me home. My union agreement
entitles me to a late markup after my second rest day but they said its
too bad because the system is set up to recognize rest days starting at
0001. They wouldn't override it. So again, the company screws you and
keeps you out on your first scheduled rest day do not mark off until
0001. Its their fault and they created the problem!

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