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Name: Little Birdie
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Posted: 19 March 2017

Hey Al Williams, and 33-year-old Brandon Morris of Pensacola, Google
map 30.738131,-86.364826 and look in the back yard of the sand pit at
some of the big boys that could have been in your train cab. Betcha
can't wait for some one on one time with one of those babies at the no
signal CSX crossing huh?

Woman injured in 2nd train-car collision in 2 days 
Since all 30 of 30 railroad crossings in Walton County have crossing
gates according to Federal data and gates would have to be broken to
"""drove her vehicle into the direct path of the train"""
apparently this crossing is private.Private with no train horns and the
mickey mouse signs put there by the greed ran railroad mean nothing
legally. No driver laws on private property. So the cops might want to
read the law book. Especially the part on jury tampering which the oh
look at the evil doer driver did when NO investigation has been done
is. Which should be where are the signals the greed ran railroad has
robbed MILLIONS out of our crossing budget safety funds. 

Whoops here it is Google map 30.738131,-86.364826 --- Obvious public
road sign and PRIVATE railroad crossing so the woman was almost
murdered by bad data.

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