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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 July 2018


Rail unions don't have the luxury of the Teamsters, UAW etc... they
are bound by the Railway Labor Act. Which is very confining. Nothing is
fast. People need to stay on the unions ass to get things done at times.
Sure I came from another time starting out but retired 8 years ago so a
lot of this BS was going on. I never knew anyone complaining about
working to much. When I was a young railroader those Oldheads never
marked off. We didn't have guaranteed extra boards it was feast or
famine. There were plenty of times we had to claim unemployment for not
getting in 10 days a half. Getting furloughed was part of railroading.
Times haven't changed the people have when it comes down to having to
work. It's never been a job that is family oriented. Your friends will
forget you after a while. It's the price to pay.

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