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Name: Retired Union Member
Employed as: Brakeman, for N/A
Posted: 09 September 2019

Any Federal Railroad Employee legislated rights regarding merger related
layoffs (Washington Agreement) knowledgable people out there?

How does a Railroad Union member (present or past) collect under the
Washington Agreement?  This was passed by Congress during the Great
Depression so the rail companies could not fuck over the Union
employees. For examples, If your rail company merged with another rail
line, and there were layoffs,  the people laid off are entitled to a
settlement payment (one year salary) from their company, and no loss of
pension benefits.  

  My question is, how does one go about collecting the Payout given
that all the conditions for receiving payment have been met? Union reps
I have spoken  to do not know about this law, and do not understand it. 
But it is there in black and white, and is still the law. It is called
The Washington Agreement (the Agreement was made by Roosevelt and all
the major carriers at the time to protect railroad employees). 

 Is there a statute of Limitations for collecting?  Can rights under
the Washington Agreement ever be contracted away or otherwise be given
up by the employee? Is the FRA administering this benefit now?  Any
information appreciated.

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