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Name: sick
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 October 2018


They did the same shit to me except while I was waiting for 20 minutes
they tried to call me. When I answered my other line I told them it was
about time they picked up the phone and answered my call. they didn't
know what I was talking about so I told them I had been on hold for
over 2o minutes waiting to mark off. they got smart and said they
contacted me for work first. I explained that I had proof what time I
called and how long I had been on hold which was totally unacceptable
and to mark me off sick. I didn't care if they tried to miss call me.
I would be filing ethics charges when I got off the phone and calling
my LC to file entrapment!  They marked me off!

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