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Name: thatsright
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 11 October 2017

No Dumbass

Everyone knows and has known for years that many Unions reps are in the
back pocket of the carrier and its a MAJOR conflict of interest when
they kiss butt together in Jacksonville and on the golf course, but
thats no excuse for not knowing what they are going to cram down your
throats. Yeah, they have to meet and be diplomatic in the eyes of those
around. Have to put on a show. But they have been too chummy for way too
long. We all know a NO vote is a Yes vote. Vote or not. It doesnt matter
if you do or not but its your own fault if you dont know whats going
down and then cry like a little bi... because you got blind sided by
the changes. Thats whats wrong with our membership. Its boo hoo and sit
on your butt and dont get envolved. Vote out the legislative reps.
Replace the reps that are older than dirt and bring in some new young
blood. Time to clean house and add some young guns in the mix! Our
legislative reps arent getting it done. Sitting on claims for 4-5 years
because of back log and lack of people in office to handle them. Then
you have the arbitators who are bought off and do all that is necessary
to rule in favor of the carrier or make rulings that are more favorable
for them when they clearly shouldnt be. If you think it doesnt happen
there are several old head LC's who can tell you otherwise and know
its happening. They just cant come forward with their proof because
they dont have enough hard core proof such as tape recordings and
written documents. Locals are too small to get things done without
banding together and they just wont. Legislative reps wont stick
together and cause a stink. Only thing left is for the members to rally
and bring attention to themselves and push the unions into a corner to
respond. will it happen? They wont even read their own damn agreements!

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