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Name: Safety
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 March 2018

I read the names and accident details, of cause of fatalityís. Myself I
have had close calls and got lucky Iím not dead. With all these changes
at the railway it causes stress, and thinking of other issues. It just
takes one distracted moment and it could all be over. And on the
railway it would have to be the worst way to go. I know of a few young
people that got it between the couples. And they lived for eight hours
one three hours. One friend went over detail at night. Car tipped on
him the sill step pinned him at the abdomin. They got his wife and
priest. Gave last rights wife said good bye. When they lifted the car
off him he passed. He had four months till retirement. It will never
happen to us right. Take your time to do your job safely, I been to
many wrecks and accidents and they never leave your mind when you see
fellow worker dead.

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