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Name: Illusionist
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 11 March 2018

Foote and the A team do not give two hoots about CSX. He is getting his
orders from mantle ridge. So if your an employee expect the companies
decision making is to benefit mantle ridges share holders. As an
employee you are just a pawn in this game,the company could care a less
about any of your grievances or working conditions. If the Foote A team
can eat your lunch they will, to them they could care a less if your a
good employee or bad employee. You are a deficit  to the company. You
are working for a group that cares about one thing mantle ridge and
themselfs. The time they are with CSX donít expect anything else. If
you can avoid the job cuts your doing good. After this raid on CSX by
this group and only after they leave CSX, will there be change. It took
about seven years after Hh left cnrail that change is starting to
happen. My gut tells me that Foote is going to fail rolling out Hh
plan, and getting positive results he will crash and burn or board of
directors will try and can him.

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