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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 03 November 2019


Your absolutely right. Trump hates unions with a passion and everyone
who has lived in Indiana their entire lives and is old enough to know,
has the knowledge that the republicans did and will always do what ever
they can to break and block unions.  I know this for a fact. Have family
members who went through the fights from hell with them any time anyone
try to organize anything in Indiana. Just ask any old timer who worked
for Westinghouse.
As for the railroads, they got the dollars and the political pull to
bribe and pay who ever they want to get what they want. This is all
going to be a horse an pony show. I big show put on to all railroad
union members. They wont get involved and they sit back and let their
unions run ram rod on them. The frickin Mafia got away with it forever
until someone with balls fired the first shot. I don't see it
happening. A lot of bitching and crying about how the union sucks and
wont fight for their members. We will all end up with a lot less
protection and a lot less money. 

TREX is a bird brain.
Young pups who don't come from union background don't know squat
about any damn union or how they work.
Company is hell bent on doing away with YM unions.
How can a TM work 2 days all day without a break?

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