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Name: EXLC
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 November 2017


Your boys there better hold onto their hats. HH will order that the
qualified conductors no matter how much seniority they have be forced
onto the jobs until they get others qualified. He will put money in the
Union pockets long enough to keep their mouths shut so he can get it
done. He will claim it is an emergency and it must be done in order to
keep US commerce freight moving. They are already pulling this shit on
the Great lakes division and getting away with it. They have forced
several engineers off their chosen jobs that they rightfully got
awarded on their bid cards on to jobs that no one else was qualified to
fill. The youngest set back engineers should have been set up and forced
to qualify on those jobs with the senior men they made fill the jobs but
they wouldn't do it.  When HH makes everything one great big extra
board it wont matter anyway. You will go where ever they want you to go
and you will have no seniority anymore. Its coming. Its already happened
on other divisions. The Unions aren't doing a damn thing to stop it!

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