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Name: moving on
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 July 2017


Facts or no facts, it isn't going to matter in a month anyway. Avon
yard will be closed down and everyone relocated elsewhere. Your TM that
you want buried wont be a TM anyway. Your intimidated female PTI driver
wont have a job either. HH wants them all gone. Call cab service as 
needed. No one is condoning anyone for doing anything wrong but this
isn't the first time someone has moved up into the ranks and was
suddenly accused of sexual misconduct when things weren't going the
way someone wanted it. As for the person making the accusations, just
hope its not the same person that made those kind of accusations about
male crew members in the past and had those charges thrown out because
they were blown up to be more than what they were. Don't get egg on
your face. If you weren't involved and aren't a witness it is best
you keep out of it because running your yap can get you charged just as
well. Being charged with trying to instigate violence and harassment in
the work place will get you walked out the door.

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