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Name: Carman 
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 February 2018

Well it is just not lifting a knuckle,you also have to know how to
change it. We have had people hire on the mechanical dept. they pass
the written tests but have o mechanical ability. I think when some of
they people hire on as trainmen. They think they will just be waving at
people riding the rails. But people cover for a lot of these people and
once they get there probation period in , the people are stuck with
them. Each generation is getting softer and softer.  Inept people are
the ones that get hurt and get others hurt in a lot of cases. Some
donít even pick things up after working for over a year. I ended up
changing 10 pair of wheels on coal train because stupid conductor
forgot to take handbrakes off.

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