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Name: Clifford
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 July 2017

This is shit is becoming down right comical at this point, gridlocks
customers being told to hurry up and wait, oh yea and that slap in the
dick they offered as a contract, guys just go to work do the job, dont
kill ur self but dont lay down, dont give this rotten old soul sucking
fuck face a reason to make an example out of your location, i have
heard of a possible strike in the near future, just remember if it
comes to that ehh will get what he wants, a reason to qualify
management to run trains for a strike defense, and oh yea when we get
forced to go back after 1 day bye president rump, our negotiations will
go before the presidential advisory board and they will pick our
contract, or hunter gets us to bite on a out of national handling
contract for what appears to be a great hourly rate but really we end
up selling our souls, let him implode his self lers go to work, get
done what we can get done, the right way the professional way and
safely, fight for ur terminal it my not mater in the end but we r
railroaders lets stand up for one another while acting like the trained
professional industrial athletes we r.

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