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Name: Rr employee ment
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Posted: 10 January 2019

To mystery railroader wannabes, the glory days of railroading are over.
I did 35 years on the rr it was a great place to work had fun and liked
to go to work guys where great and supportive on and off the job.
Management and union where a team that always got the job done. Then
the plague came called Hunter Harrison and any railroad he ran turned
to shit and after he left they adopted his unethical ways. I did four
years working with Hh as ceo. I till this day still hate that man, he
destroyed a lot of people and there dreams. People lost there lives
being forced and chased to work faster and faster till safety went out
the window. People died, new hires died, the days of the rr caring
about there employees is a thing of the past. Stay away from the rr, go
on welfare first before working in CSX shit hole.

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