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Name: Retired OSHA
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Posted: 06 December 2017

Railroad employees 

If you want to know more and are interested in the jurisdictional lines
agreed upon between the FRA and OSHA it is easy to look it up on line. 
One site you may like to visit is under the Memorandum of Agreement
between the Federal Railroad Administration and the Occupational Safety
and Health Administration US Department of Labor. You should find the
reading quite interesting and educational as this agreement was put in
motion because of conflicts of who would handle whistleblowing cases
and protection against retaliation in the work place. It is unfortunate
that it is common that the employees of the railroad do not educate
themselves on the laws that protect them and the power they have to
protect themselves in the work place. Most major industries count on
this and usually are right when they play games and gamble with the
employees. An ignorant work force is a good workforce for the company.
You play right into their hands.

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