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Name: Lol
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 24 March 2020

As far as health care I have three. Young kids and an elder in my home I
don't want to risk all things involved to go to the rr if I get it no
big deal if I bring it home possible life threting to the ones I live
with it should be a CHOICE if you feel comfortable going out in public
not FORCEd upon you by CEO and congressman that won't come out and
shake everyone's hand cause in a sense  that's what the are FORCING
you to do  he'll tell them to bring there kids and grandparents along
if there so confident to force you . If a company can pay a CEO One man
300 mill to not move one car they can cut his wage to 200 million and
pay for all are health insurance exspecialy if THEY wanta risk my life
and MY FAMLIIY by forcing us

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