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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

what about the nightly news you talked about was it on? if so i missed

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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

Whoops --- Here it is


September 21, 1995 

CSX To Pay $4.5 Million Under Settlements

TALLAHASSEE - CSX Transportation Inc. will pay Florida, 10 other states
and the federal government $4,573,300 to settle allegations that the
company overbilled for work on railroad crossing equipment, Attorney
General Bob Butterworth announced today.

Under an agreement between Butterworth and CSX, Florida will receive
$1,166,337, including $566,337 to cover refunds to the Department of
Transportation (DOT) and the state's investigative costs. A unique
provision of the agreement earmarks $600,000 to endow an eminent
scholars chair in engineering at the Florida A&M/Florida State
University College of Engineering. 

Under the same agreement, the states of Alabama, Georgia, Illinois,
Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee and Virginia will share a total of $302,000. A separate
settlement agreement between CSX and the U.S. Department of Justice
earmarks $3,104,963 for the federal government.

An investigation begun in February 1993 by DOT and the attorney
general's office focused on allegations that CSX overbilled for labor
costs involved in manufacturing signal devices for railroad/highway

The work performed by CSX was done as part of Operation Lifesaver, a
railroad crossing safety project funded 90 percent by the federal
government and 10 percent by the individual states.

Butterworth said that bills submitted by CSX for work on signal devices
overstated the amount of actual labor time required to complete a
particular job. He added that the company, which did not admit to any
wrongdoing, cooperated fully in the state's investigation.

In April 1993, CSX refunded $598,379 to Florida DOT to cover what the
company described as billing errors disclosed by the company's
internal audit. At the same time, refunds totalling $1,536,757 were
sent to 17 other states which had done business with the company.

The earlier refunds covered work done from January 1, 1987 to December
31, 1992. The refunds called for under the agreement between CSX and
Butterworth cover signal projects dating back to January 1, 1983.

Florida's investigation was primarily conducted by Assistant Attorney
General Mark Kraus and Financial Investigator Bruce Robinson and DOT
Investigator Barry Wall.

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Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 February 2006


"If I could figure out how to post e-mails on this site"

Open the e-mail you want to post. 

Go to the e-mail and click the left mouse button in the upper left
corner of it and with the mouse button still down, drag to the lower
right and release.

This will highlight the e-mail.

Now click the right mouse button in the center of the highlighted area
of the email.

A drop down menu will appear and one of the options will be copy.

Select copy.

Now go to www.csx-sucks.com/submit/

In the text box where you type your message, click on the right mouse

Once again a drop down menu will appear and one of the options is

Select paste.

This will put what you copied from the email into the post box on

This process is called copy & paste. It is a wonderful concept invented
some 30 years ago.

If you are using a MAC, you are on your own.

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Name: Dave Nelson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 February 2006

RE: Mr. Pines
The name was Hunger not Unger and Butterworth was The Florida AG. Got
my names mixed up.

I posted yesterday how the Florida investigation went down.  It started
off with almost a fist fight.  However, the Butterworth press release
shows the $2.1 million as a voluntary repayment from CSX.  CSX found
the overcharges on their own and were such an outstanding company.  Not
the same story as I posted yesterday is it?  The reason is simple. 
Butterworth took the $2.1 million and the $195 million abandoned bike
trail as a bribe and released CSX.  Sound familiar?  Try Elliot Spitzer
AG NY taking a $2 million bribe to stop an investigation into the
O'Connor deaths.
Who was the CSX President in 1993?  John Snow.  If CSX was aware they
were overcharging the government did Snow stop the process?
1995?  CSX paid back $5.9 million for the exact same overcharges
received by Butterworth.  Who was the President of CSX? John Snow.
If I could figure out how to post e-mails on this site, I would post
e-mails between the current Florida DOT, IG and Carlos Mystry current
Florida DOT Auditing Manager, showing they are investigating CSX
overcharges for the same thing.  When did this investigation start?
Last year!!!!!

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Name: Crew Dispatcher
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 February 2006

RE: Crew Dispatcher
Sorry the posts are hard to understand but, they are not intended for
the lay reader.  Those who have had family members killed at crossings
fully understand.  Rail Employees fully understand the posts.
Dave Butler done an excellent job writing the book and has good solid
support to get it published.  I have trouble putting two sentences
together and no support.  Personally, I think Butler and his whole
family should have a statue mounted in front of the Justice Department
as an icon to the will of true Americans, willing to fight against all
odds for what they beleive in and their freedom.
What I will do is support Butler in any way I can.  If I can help
torcher his own personal devil "Walter Rich" I will do so.

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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

RE: Dave Nelson

Mr. Nelson Florida must have LOST the Butterworth web page with the
$2.1 million mentioned where Butterworth just GAVE AWAY our Federal tax
money for crossing safety to a University. The page is probably on the
back pages of this site.

http://www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/Pre_96/September95/520.txt.html The math
doesn't add up in the USDOJ press release.

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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

...One of McCain’s biggest supporters at the time was John Snow, head
of the transportation and railroad conglomerate CSX. Even when McCain
faltered in the polls and in early presidential primaries, Snow hosted
dinners to raise money for McCain, loaned out his company’s corporate
jet to the Arizona senator and urged his friends and colleagues to
write checks to the McCain campaign...

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Name: jeannie nichols
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

Mr. Nelson, 

    That occasion July 2000 in Washington D.C. remains one of the most
profound occasions of my life. 

    I thank God for being there. I praise Him for the opportunity to
meet the folks there . I am thankful you were there.  

     You are getting some of the truth to the light of day. May the
Lord continue to guide and protect you. Thank you , from my Jen and

     Thank you for the time you devoted to the list , helping to guide
us into a better understanding of how things are, and how we might be
able to shed pools of light in our own areas. 


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Name: TV Ted
E-mail: NBC News , not-a
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 10 February 2006

Hey Brian Williams.    You forgot to be in Jacksonville, FL. You must
think that the Italians are more newsworthy than CSX. What gives?

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Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

Among the lobbyist-hosts listed on the invitation was perhaps McCain's
most prominent D.C. backer, former Reagan White House chief of staff
Kenneth Duberstein, whose firm represents such Commerce-regulated
businesses as United Airlines, Time Warner, Comsat, CSX and the
National Cable Television Association.


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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 February 2006

I've seen some of their land DEALS.

Plus the -- the company -- the railroad company was then contracted
with by the State in order to manage this particular railroad to where
the State or the counties had to pay an additional 19 cents I think per
mile per -- per railroad car that we put on it, plus they were also
going to use it for their own purpose.
In other words, they sold it to us at full value, and that was full
value, across-the-fence value; and then we gave it back to them and
paid rent on it.

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Employed as: Crew Dispatcher, for 10-20 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

The guys name is Hunger not Unger. 

Why didn't you put this all down in book form like the guy in
Cooperstown? It would be much easyer to understand instead of as a
bunch of confusing posts. You need to organize it and put to paper. If
the guy in Cooperstown had just made a bunch of internet posts, no one
would bother to look into a thing. But since he has published it all in
book form, Mr, Walter Rich is getting nailed from all directions. Oh and
besides that, and most important to you from what I hear, you could even
make some money.

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www.CSX-Sucks.com - Sticking it to the man since 2001

Name: Dave Nelson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

RE: Mr Pines
Your question (so why isn't Florida AG Frank Unger in jail?)

He's protected.  Sounds like you're getting a wee bit excited!  Let
me help you along a little.  The Hornet is hoping you'll have a heart
attack so he don't have to hang himself. HA!

I worked with the state of Florida on this investigation.  You need to
find Bill Paces location (the FDOT Auditing Manager in the
investigation)  For whatever reason Pace was really trying his best to
hold CSX responsible.  He kept me informed on every account.  He drove
from Tallahasee to Jacksonville just to reveiw copies of two CSX
internal audits that proved CSX was knowledgable about defrauding the
government.  Since it was I that detailed the audit he wanted my

Gotta tell you this before going on.  It was Bill who called me and
told me about Mazer and Moons visit to the FL. AGs Office. He was in
the meeting and said that FL Agents were so ticked off at Moon and
Mazer a fight almost broke out.  Moon and Mazer had no idea I had
already given the Agents everything.  Moon and Mazer kept saying
"We're doing the right thing here and are trying to cooperate with
you."  I can't think of the little RICO Invetigators name right now,
but he said LIKE HELL YOU'RE TRYING TO COOPERATE!  Mazer said look,
we've even brought along our own internal audit report and are willing
to go back to CSX and send you copies.  RICO says "LIKE HELL YOU WILL!
THESE DOCUMENTS ARE SEIZED!"  That's how Pace ended up with the audit
reports. OH! by the way.  Carlos Mystry (Then just an auditor) came with
Pace to Jacksonville.  Remember that name for later posts.

As the year long investigation proceeded, Pace kept in constant contact
with me.  He had audited the Savannah Shops based on Shuperts findings
in the CSX Internal Audit.  Pace also found millions in overcharges and
that was just the shop location.
Eventually, Barry Wall (FDOT Investigator) contacted me.  The AG's
Office had found out about Pace working with me.  Wall told me "You
are a private citizen and I can only ask that you stop all
communications with pace.  As for Pace he has been ordered NOT to speak
with you."
I contacted Pace one more time and he told me that the Florida AG had
accepted the $2 million pay off by CSX and stopped the investigation.
CSX had sold the state of Florida a right of way from Fort Lauderdale
to Miami to build high speed rail on.  Pace said we can't refuse,
they're practically giving it away for $195 million.  CSX would be
building the high speed corridor and mainatin it.
The $2 million?  Florida did have a new whisleblower act in place but
refused to let me file.  During the 1995 settlement (yet another
voluntary pay back by CSX for the same thing) I demanded to know if the
$2 million paid by CSX in 1993 was included in this settlement.  The US
Attorney Ben Vernia promised me that it was included.  Looks like Frank
Unger screwed me out of $400,000 for my efforts doesn't it?
I dissagree with Unger going to prison, he should be placed under the
prison.  Unger and all agents except Pace should go to prison, not only
for fraud, but the countless lives that have been lost.

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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 February 2006


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Name: Dave Nelson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

Frank McCaskill

  By now you have received the first e-mail along with all other CSX
Employees.  If Frank hasn't been confronted by the Clerical Union, I
will give you a tip.
  Frank reminds me of the little characature on "Monsters Inc." who
could camoflauge, blending into anything.  What Frank can't do his
conceal his red face when upset.

  Remember Frank?  I ask you outside the church building "Are you
Itallian?"  Your face got blood red and you jumped back at me saying
"I'm Sicilean!"  I've got that on tape also.  What is your real
name, or is McCaskill a Sicilean name?

  Remember our discussion about my CSX internal e-mail that I used to
show Bill Mazer (AVP Auditing) Joe Shupert (auditor) and Allison Brown
(Director Auditing)exactly what materials to audit, in which the
governement was being bilked on?  Shuperts findings that C.J. Nicely
had overcharged the government by millions through the Savannah Shops?
  This document/e-mail would be useful in a federal investigation,
would it not?  Would it be illegal to shred such important evidence?
  You were unaware of the e-mails existance prior to our discussion. 
The following day I called the CSX Sytems Administrator (a good
friend)and gave him my security code for the e-amil.  He verified the
e-mail did exist and was scared to death when he read the contents. 
The next day my friend called me in a panic.  He said "Your e-mail has
dissapeared.  The e-mail security is protected in such a way that only
those with very high priority can access someone elses e-mail."  The
very next Sunday you report to me that "Someone has gotten to your
e-mail and shredded it."  You stated "I have spent all week with
shredded peices of paper in the floor, gluing them back together."
  For a Mole, you made some critical mistakes.  I had told you that
when I left the CSX building I went out with boxes of documents.  I had
everything except these e-mail, which I forgot to run copies of. 
Remember that conversation?  If you don't, I'd be glad to let you
listen to the tape.  I told the truth, I had forgotten the e-mail. 
HOWEVER!  A few months earlier, I had contacted Chuck Wodehouse (VP
Auditing at the time)a demanded I receive protection, to with draw my
resignation letter and be reinstated.  Chuck instead sent Michael Page
(AVP Auditing fraud) and Wayne Taylor (Director Auditing fraud) to meet
with me.  When Wayne, Michael and myself met (Chilly Willys in
Huntington, WV) Wayne had brought with him hard copies of my e-mail.
HA!  He wanted me to explain what they meant.
  By the time Mazer and Moon made their visit to the Florida AG the
Agents already had the e-mail.  Moon and Mazer changed direction and
said that Dave Nelson had in fact brought these overcharges to the
attention of CSX and we're trying to cooperate here by volunteering to
refund $2 million.  Mean while Dave Nelson is a very unstable and
disgruntled employee and shouldn't be listened to should he contact
your office. Is that an oxymoron or what?
  One part of the tape has you saying "People inside CSX is very upset
with me and I am in danger of loosing my job"  Frank, that's the least
of your worries.  Shredding documents is a NO-NO.
Sleep well my man. I'll post more tommorow.

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Name: Robert Pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 February 2006

So why isn't Assistant Attorney General Frank W. Hunger in prison?

...overcharged the government millions of dollars for railroad
crossing signals installed under a federal safety program...Millions
times triple damages is what? How many millions? So actually the
payback is MAKING money now because where the signals AIN'T costing
the RR -0- maintenance.



     WASHINGTON, D.C. -- CSX Transportation Inc. will pay the
United States $5.9 million to settle claims the company
overcharged the government millions of dollars for railroad
crossing signals installed under a federal safety program, the
Department of Justice announced today.  
     Assistant Attorney General Frank W. Hunger

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Name: Dave Nelson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

RE:Ms Nichols
You've watched news articles pertaining to railroad crossing accidents
for years.
  I first met you in Washington DC July 2000 along with a room full of
other parents, all who had lost a teenage daughter or son to a
preventable crossing accident.
  I was heart broken as I listened to the testimony of each family.  I
had dissapeared from the railroad scene for 5 years, NEVER wanting
anything to do with railroads again.
  As I listened to each family give specific details of each accident,
I realized it was I who had been actively involved in causing these
deaths.  I had set at CSX for 2 years knowing that what I was forced to
do was illegal, corrupt, immoral and criminal.  I was afraid to take
action, which would certainly result in my being railroaded.  My
children were teenagers, how would I make it, knowing I would never
work again?  When I finally confronted my wife with the situation, the
wife finally gave me enough backbone to take a stand.  She ask if I
wanted my children to grow up and find out their father was a thief?  I
said "Have you ever heard of being railroaded?  She replied "Can you
serve GOD on Sunday and commit fraud on Monday?"  I'll back you."  I
imediately took action, but listening to these parents who had their
hearts ripped out, I realized I was still dirty.  The parents were
clueless as to how railroads work, even the attorney who was present
had no idea that the railroads were actually using him to control these
parents during court proceedings.  I decided to help. Selfish decision?
I could make no other, I could at least try to prevent future deaths.
  This is why I spent over two years explaining how railroads used
damage control to avoid liability using a private web site called the
listserve.  My first objective was to make these parents informed so
they could make a presentation without the railroads, media and
Operation Lifesaver depict them as only berieving parents willing to
accuse anyone.
  Next I took several shots at the huge CSX boat, knowing CSX had the
ability to quickly patch the little holes, by the use of the Federal
Railroad Administration and politicans.  I finally fired a shot into
their BOW with the Henrietta, NY deaths.  CSX again brought in the FRA,
but I had the finishing round aimed at her with the NY Times. 
Unfortunately the Times wasn't enough.
  I'm not big enough, strong enough to make so many little holes that
the railroads can't cover.  Yourself, other safety advocates and
hopefully rail employees themselves can make a difference.  All that's
left for me to do is put names--faces--and actions together.

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Name: jeannie
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 February 2006

Mr. Nelson,

     Your post , it sort of puts a 'face' on the industry.  Though it
was bn shortly to become bnsf that ran over mine, they are all ' the
industry' yes? 

      frank, what a heavy load to carry.

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Name: Dave Nelson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 February 2006

CSX Clerical Union and members.
CSX BLE Union and members
CSX Brotherhood of Signalmen and IBEW Union Members
CSX Non-Contract Employees
Families of the Angels

Have you often questioned how railroads are able to police themselves,
filing false reports to the Federal Railroad Administration.  You know
for a fact your child, husband or wife were killed at a crossing and
the railroads get away with it?  Who is the guy hiding in the bushes,
watching train crews and other employees?  Who puts together lists for
forced retirement,or termination of hundreds of CSX Employees?
Let me introduce you to one.

An option to read about this CSX Employee is to click on the web site
posted 02/08 by Mr. Pines.  
This site gives a very impressive back ground of Frank McCaskill who
seems to be a model CLERK.  If Frank is a clerical union member, is he
a card carrier?  How is Frank able to bounce around all over the system
seemingly to have no problem with seniority rights?

I'm going to lay out a brief on my experiences with Frank McCaskill
and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

  I was leaving choir pratice at my church when I heard a voice behind
me saying "There's a good CSX Employee"  I turned and saw the man
shown in the web site picture (Frank McCaskill).  I told him I didn't
work for CSX any more and ask who he was.  He introduced himself as a
clerk.  As we spoke it became apparent Frank was too knowledgable to
simply fill the role of clerk.  Frank finally admitted that he was from
Corporate and posed as a clerk to gain information.  He had recently
been transferred from Baltimore to keep tabs on me and one other person
in the church. I had just resigned CSX for forcing me to become involved
in criminal and unethical acts, which included purchasing Train
Detection Devices that resulted in crossing fatalities and purchasing
crossing materials for government projects that were grossly inflated.
  An older friend at church had picked up on my problems with CSX and
had warned me that I would eventually be contacted by someone from CSX,
since I had so much damaging information on their business practices. 
Fortunately he also suggested I carry a small tape recorder, which I
carried and Taped McCaskill for a year and a half as he met with me
after choir pratice, or church.
I'm going to skip through this period and it's details to keep this
short as possible.  Except one thing:  Frank, you told me one time that
you were on a "Fish Fry" and that I was the fish.  Now it's your turn
to be in the pan.
  I finally told Frank that I would be meeting with the Florida
Attorney Generals Office to discuss CSX overcharges.  Frank you ask
that I delay my meeting.  You thought CSX would be willing to work with
me.  A few days later you called and said you had arranged a meeting
between Mike Giftos (VP General Council) to discuss my issues with CSX.
 Then you called again and had left an envelope with the choir director
which contained information of a different person to contact.  I picked
the envelope up and it contained a CSX generated employee information
form that gave me the name of Randall Moon CSX General Council.  You
told me to call Moon and set up a meeting.  When I met with Moon he
also had Mazer (AVP CSX Auditing)with him.  I had already worked with
Mazer in two seperate internal audits showning the CSX fraud process. 
My request to Moon was simply to be reinstated with back pay.  As you
remember Frank, it was YOU who said "They probably won't reinstate
you, so ask for the middle of your pay grade through your retirement
age."  I presented this to Moon and it was Moon who figured up the
  Frank, what you didn't know, is that I had already met with The
Florida AG's office, Barry Wall (FDOT) Bill Pace (FDOT Auditing
Manager) John Long (USDOT Special Agent, Acting Agent in Charge) and
FL. RICO.  They had ask what CSX next move would be and I told them CSX
would contact the AG's Office claiming that I was just a disgruntled
employee and shouldn't be listened to.
  I had set you guys up and the AG's Office was waiting when Bill
Mazer and Randall Moon met with the AG's Office.  Mazer and Moon
stated CSX had discovered ACCIDENTAL overcharges to states on crossing
projects and being such an honest company was willing to make a $2
million dollar VOLENTARY REFUND. Moon claimed that I has tried to
extort $2 million from CSX.  Not a nice thing to do to a person FRANK! 
Note: Mr. Pines can you please post this press release where in 1993 the
Fl. AG accepted the $2 million?  The article strangly hit the media in
  I was informed that Florida Agents had to be physically restrained
from coming across the table on Moon And Mazer
  I must break this up into parts. Sorry.  Frank, you had the ability
to make changes in CSX.  To stop overcharging crossing projects which
would have resulted in more warning system installations in Ohio for
school children and other states.  You had the ability to eleminate the
use of a Train Detection Device that you KNEW was getting people killed
at crossings.  I'm going to leave you in the fish pan of fellow CSX
Employees and Moms' and Dad's of children killed at highway/rail
crossings.  No, I haven't finished ith you yet, just taking a small

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Name: jeannie nichols
E-mail: jeanniesvoice@valornet.com
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 February 2006


   Valid points. 

   The industry is master at divide and conquer.  That practice has
served them well.  

    In unity there is strength. As you said. 

    2-9-1996      .........my life changed, forever.  

     The industry would have had me believe , the rails, were the
enemy. They are not.

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