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Name: Big joke
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 29 May 2018


for God's same will you stop sending idiots out to give rules classes
who obviously have not bothered to read the rules or current changes.
What you need to do is give them a rules class first. Weed out the
one's who don't understand or just don't care enough to read. I just
had a newer engineer question my hand  brake test procedures on light
motors because he was just told in rules class that we follow the old
procedure of knotching out and putting the motors under load. That rule
changed almost 2 years ago.

If you young engineer don't know why it's because for several years
the loco's have been designed with a safety feature that does not
allow the loco's to load when the hand brake is applied.  All newer
electronic motors are being built with it. Puts a stop to running
around with the hand brake still on and burning up brake shoes. They
were downloading random guys and busting them for not putting the
motors under load to test for movement and were too stupid to realize
it couldn't be done because the motors wouldn't load. Some will give
you a wheel slip alarm too.  Just read your rules. Don't count on
these guys to cover your arss when you do something stupid they say is
ok and it's not in writing. They got short term memory when you say
they told you what your supposed to do and something goes wrong!

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