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Name: D MAN
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 12 February 2018

Guys i know everyone has reasons for taking calls and doin what they
need to do weather it be to say out of a yard u dont know well, or just
work somthing ur more comfortable with. But this is dividing and
conquering at its finest, i am a conductor and will stand with any
engineer when it comes to standing up for and fighting for better
conditions and rules, and i cant say i dont know of any engineers that
wouldnt do the same. Stay focused, Stand together on our one uniting
issue, being uprooted over worked and misused, never forget we are
trained professionals, that do what most normal people can not, it
takes a railroader to understand that, to any non railroader no offense
to ur profession u just cant understand. We stand side by side wacth
each others backs we see each other more than our familys most of the
time, we fight and get pissed but still get the work done together. Mis
placed energy will be waisted vent bicth and yell get it out and then
step back and lets roll on together.

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