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Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 09 October 2021

Hire 10  and 1 stays.   Meanwhile men with 10plus years are leaving.
This job keeps getting worse.  Too much time for the pay.   36 hour
round trip get home 10 hrs later phone rings and do it again.

168 hours in a week.   say your average trip up 12hrs, hotel stay 12hrs
and trip home is 12hrs. get home 10hours later phone rings another
2hours devoted to the railroad.  3.5 rounds trips a week is what this
shithole wants 48hours 12hours home 12hour trip 12hour hotel and 12
hour trip back home 3.5X48=168hours  3.5X12=home time in a week minus
2hour call.  Don't say shit about off days not figured in.  the
trainman work 6 and 1 they never receive an off day

What do really think youre making per hour?  Our wages suck ass I can
live at Wal-mart that many hours and make the same money.

Were not compensated for half the BS we should be

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